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The Tektronix Type E is a low-level differential amplifier plug-in for 500-series scopes. The sensitivity ranges from 50 μV/div to 10 mV/div. The input is an XLR connector feeding directly into the grids of a 12AX7 differential amplifier.

Despite the DC-coupled input stage, the Type E is an AC-coupled amplifier. It has front panel knobs for selecting the low-frequency and high-frequency cutoff. It achieves a 50,000 to 1 common mode rejection ratio. Maximum bandwidth is 60 kHz. It has seven tubes, three of which are on a shock-mounted subchassis.

The Type 53E/54E was introduced in 1955. Along with Types G and K, it was the first plug-in offered after, not during, the original 531/535 introduction in 1954. The nomenclature was revised after just a few months, to 53/54E. In 1959, when the A-suffix mainframes came out, all plugins dropped the "53/54". Type E was dropped after 1968; its replacement, Type 1A7, had been available for a few years.



Some Parts used in the E

Page Class Description Used in
12AX7 Vacuum Tube (Double Triode) dual triode 513 555 E
5879 Vacuum Tube (Pentode) sharp-cutoff pentode 112 512 D E