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P6406 Word Recognizer Probe for Sony/Tektronix 308 Logic Analyzer

The Tektronix P6406 is a 16-channel word recognizer probe for the 308 logic analyzer.

The P6406 uses the P64xx-family 10-wire input lead harnesses with 0.2" connectors. Is also possible to use standard jumper wires with pins, sockets or clips on the other end for connecting inputs.


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The 16 inputs connect (via 330 Ω resistors) to inputs of four 74LS266 quad exclusive-NOR gates that receive bit-inversion masks from two of three 74LS164 serial-in, parallel-out shift registers. The third shift register provides don't care masks (one per group of four inputs). After the logic circuits, a 74S140 cable driver sends the trigger signal to the 308.