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Tektronix SD-43
8 GHz O/E Converter
Tektronix SD-43 Optical/Electrical Converter

Compatible with 11800-series scopes

Produced from (?) to (?)

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The Tektronix SD-43 is an optical-to-electrical converter for optical wavelengths from 700 to 1650 nm. The bandwidth is 8 GHz.

It has an FC/PC connector for the optical input and a 2.92 mm ("K-style") connector for the electrical output.

The SD-43 can be plugged into an 11800-series mainframe next to an electrical sampling head, or used standalone with the 174-3867-00 adapter cable and a 119-5784-00 power supply.


Optical wavelength 700 to 1650 nm (calibrated at 1300 nm)
Bandwidth DC to ≥8 GHz
Conversion factor ≥ 20 mV/mW at 850 nm, ≥ 30 mV/mW at 1310 nm


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