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The Tektronix T0520 is a CRT used in the 525, 532, 570, and 575. It was originally known as the T52. It has an unaluminized face and is typically operated with 4 kV of total acceleration voltage, e.g., +2300 V on the anode and -1700 V on the cathode.

The T0520 is known as the 5CAP in the EIA system.


With 4000 V total acceleration voltage:

  • horizontal sensitivity: 21 V/cm
  • vertical sensitivity: 9.9 V/cm

Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor
154-0093-00 (154-093) T0520-1 (T52 P1) P1
154-0097-00 (154-097) T0520-2 (T52 P2) P2
154-0102-00 (154-102) T0520-7 (T52 P7) P7
154-0103-00 (154-103) T0520-11 (T52 P11) P11
154-0129-00 (154-129) T0520-5 (T52 P5) P5
154-0162-00 (154-162) T0520-16 (T52 P16) P16
154-0176-00 (154-176) T0520-19 (T52 P19) P19
154-0343-00 (154-343) T0520-31 (T52 P31) P31