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The Tektronix T5611  (P/N 154-0531-00, 154-0531-01, 154-0531-02, 154-0531-03, 154-0613-00, 154-0613-01, 154-0613-02, 154-0613-03, 154-0614-00, 154-0614-01, 154-0614-02, 154-0614-03) is a ceramic CRT used in the 561A, 561B, 567 and 568.

There are three part numbers, differences being tube base and graticule.

  • T5611 with B14-38 base are replacements of the T5032 glass CRTs.
  • T5611 with special base are used in the 561B.


Vertical deflection sensitivity is about 19.5 V/div. Horizontal deflection sensitivity is about 18.5 V/div.

Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor Graticule Base
154-0531-00 T5611-31-1 P31 phosphor (standard) internal special
154-0531-01 T5611-2-1 P2 phosphor internal special
154-0531-02 T5611-7-1 P7 phosphor internal special
154-0531-03 T5611-11-1 P11 phosphor internal special
154-0613-00 T5611-31-1 P31 phosphor (standard) internal B14-38
154-0613-01 T5611-2-1 P2 phosphor (standard) internal B14-38
154-0613-02 T5611-7-1 P7 phosphor internal B14-38
154-0613-03 T5611-11-1 P11 phosphor internal B14-38
154-0614-00 T5611-31 (?) P31 phosphor (standard) external B14-38
154-0614-01 T5611-2 (?) P2 phosphor external B14-38
154-0614-02 T5611-7 (?) P7 phosphor external B14-38
154-0614-03 T5611-11 (?) P11 phosphor external B14-38


Used in

Some instruments using part T5611

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
561A Tektronix Oscilloscope 561A 10(4) MHz "General Purpose Scope" 1962
561B Tektronix Oscilloscope 561B 10(4) MHz "General Purpose Scope" 1969
567 Tektronix Oscilloscope 567 Sampling scope 1962
568 Tektronix Oscilloscope 568 Sampling scope 1967