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The Tektronix T5611  (P/N 154-0531-00, 154-0531-01, 154-0531-02, 154-0531-03, 154-0613-00, 154-0613-01, 154-0613-02, 154-0613-03, 154-0614-00, 154-0614-01, 154-0614-02, 154-0614-03) is a ceramic CRT used in the 561A, 561B, 567 and 568.

There are three part numbers, differences being tube base and graticule.

  • T5611 with B14-38 base are replacements of the T5032 glass CRTs.
  • T5611 with special base are used in the 561B.


Vertical deflection sensitivity is about 19.5 V/div. Horizontal deflection sensitivity is about 18.5 V/div.

Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor Graticule Base
154-0531-00 T5611-31-1 P31 phosphor (standard) internal special
154-0531-01 T5611-2-1 P2 phosphor internal special
154-0531-02 T5611-7-1 P7 phosphor internal special
154-0531-03 T5611-11-1 P11 phosphor internal special
154-0613-00 T5611-31-1 P31 phosphor (standard) internal B14-38
154-0613-01 T5611-2-1 P2 phosphor (standard) internal B14-38
154-0613-02 T5611-7-1 P7 phosphor internal B14-38
154-0613-03 T5611-11-1 P11 phosphor internal B14-38
154-0614-00 T5611-31 (?) P31 phosphor (standard) external B14-38
154-0614-01 T5611-2 (?) P2 phosphor external B14-38
154-0614-02 T5611-7 (?) P7 phosphor external B14-38
154-0614-03 T5611-11 (?) P11 phosphor external B14-38