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Tektronix 568
Sampling scope
Tektronix 568 front, with 3S6 and 3T6 plugins

Produced from 1967 to 1987

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The Tektronix 568 is a sampling oscilloscope, introduced in 1967, which takes 3S- and 3T-series plug-ins. Although it was intended to be used for sampling, it can also be used with non-sampling plug-ins of the 3A and 3B series.

Like the 561 and 564, the 568 does not contain vertical or horizontal amplifiers. The plug-ins directly drive the deflection plates. The 568 has multi-pin connectors on its rear panel that are routed to multi-pin connectors on the plug-ins. This is to support external control and measurement using, for example, a 230 and 241. The typical cable for connecting the 568 to the 230 is the 012-0119-01.

Two sampling heads can be interfaced directly to the 568 using the 012-0130-00 cable, or multiple sampling heads can be interfaced using an multiplexer such as the 286, 287, or R288.

CRT was the T5032-2-1 (154-0454-00) or T5611-2-1 (154-0613-01).

The 568 was distributed as a self-contained instrument and also as a component of integrated test and measurement systems such as the S-3100. As a part of the test and measurement systems, the 568 was sold at least until 1986.

A modification, 708P, was available for the 568 to give it a head multiplexer instead of a CRT. Head multiplexer is similar with 286


     — only realtime
Bandwidth DC to 15 MHz (with 3A5, may vary with other plug-ins)
Rise time 0.024 μs
     — only sampling
Bandwidth DC to 14,5 GHz (with 3S2 and S-4 head, may vary with other plug-ins)
Rise time 25 ps
     — all
Accelerating Potential 3.5 kV
Screen Area 8 cm × 10 cm
Calibrator 0.5 V , 5 V (p-p) into 1 MΩ, 50mV, 0.5 V (p-p) into 50 Ω, selectable 1 kHz( -50 % / +100%)and 100 kHz (0.05 %), ( Serial B150629 below 20 kHz instead 100 kHz)
Screen Area 8 cm × 10 cm
Power Consumption max 210 W with plug-ins
Line Voltage 100/115/124/200/230/248 VAC ±10%, selected via primary voltage selector and voltage range selector switches, 48 Hz to 66 Hz.
Thermal Protection Automatic resetting thermal cutout, in case internal temperature exceeds safe operating level
Construction Aluminum alloy chassis. Anodized front panel