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Tektronix TLS216
500 MHz / 2 GS/s digital scope
Tektronix TLS216

Produced from 1994 to (?)

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The Tektronix TLS216 "Logic Scope" is a 500 MHz, 2 GS/s, sixteen-channel digital oscilloscope with a color screen. It combines the functions of a Logic Analyzer with variable threshold voltage (ECL and TTL) with those of a digital oscilloscope.

The TLS216 contains four TDS640 acquisition chipsets (ADG256C and ADG268), which are enhanced with 16-bit pattern trigger capability.

The instrument uses proprietary probes and offers only limited control of offset and position. It can control max. 4 positions and 4 offsets for sixteen analog inputs. But control is not fixed to 4 analog input per groups, it can be one or sixteen per groups. Acquisition speed is slow (5 wfm/s) in comparison to the TDS640.


  • nearly 500 MHz bandwidth with active probe P6240
  • color CRT
  • sample rates to 2 GSa/s each channel
  • 25 automatic measurements
  • 16 input channels
  • 3.5" floppy drive
  • sensitivity of 50 mV/div to 2 V/div
  • time base range of 500 ps to 10 s/div
  • waveform Pass/Fail testing
  • record lengths of up to 2,000 points


  • 13 - RS-232/CENTRONICS HARDCOPY interface (standard).
  • 1F - File system (standard).
  • 1K - K420 Oscilloscope Cart without power strip
  • 1R - Rackmount