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Tektronix TSG-170
digital composite generator
Tektronix TSG-170D Digital Composite Generator

Produced from 1989 to (?)




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The Tektronix TSG-170A NTSC Television Generator is an NTSC test signal and sync pulse generator providing RS-170A signals for production and post-production facilities.

  • Option 1 adds a separate SMPTE bar output, an ID of up to 12 alphanumeric characters, tape leader countdown followed by black and an audio tone output.
  • Option 1V provides a custom signal set for use with the VM700A.
  • Option 1J provides modifications for use in Japan.
  • Option 2J is a option 1 unit modified for use in Japan.

The Tektronix TSG-170D Digital Composite Generator is an M/NTSC Composite Digital Television test signal generator with analog and digital audio tone output, an analog black burst, alphanumeric ID and tape leader countdown available on both analog and digital test signals for production and post production or maintenance facilities. (1989 to ?)

  • 10-bit digital test signal generation clocked at 4 fps.
  • Option 1J Modifies the test signals so they have a 0% setup level, not 7.5%.
  • Option 1S Adds serial digital video output (3 BNC connectors).
  • Option 1V Provides a custom signal set for use with the VM700A.
  • Option 2J

Key Specifications

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