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The Tektronix 834 is a portable "programmable data communications tester" (serial protocol analyzer) for RS-232 (V.24) circuits, introduced in 1980. The 835 and 836 are sister models with extra features, introduced in 1986.

It can be used as a serial transmission monitor, modem or terminal simulator, or as a bit and block error rate tester (BERT). It supports ASCII, EBCDIC and hexadecimal displays on its 12-character alphanumeric display, for data formats with 5 to 9 bits/ character (including parity), asynchronous or synchronous (including HDLC), from 50 to 19200 bits/s.

ROM packs were available to extend the 834's functions for specific protocols.

In simulation mode, operation is user-programmable with up to 99 program steps that can reference up to 50 "parameter buffers" (registers). Some standard tests like all-character tests or "quick brown fox" tests are predefined.




  • Option 02 - Current Loop (20/60 mA) Interface (015-0361-00 adapter)
  • Option 03 - RS-449 (RS-422/RS-423) Interface (A6741 adapter)
  • Option 04 - MIL-STD-188C Interface
  • Option 05 - Two Wire Direct Interface (A6742 adapter)
  • Option 06 - V.35 Interface (A6744 adapter)
  • A6741 − RS-232 / V.24 Tri-state break-out box
  • 834R01 - Asynchronous ROM Pack
  • 834R02A - Bisynchronous (EBCDIC) ROM Pack
  • 834R03A - Link Test ROM Pack
  • 834R04 - HDLC/X.25 ROM Pack
  • 834R05 - Extended Instruction ROM Pack
  • 834R06 - Bisynchronous (ASCII) ROM Pack
  • 834R07 - PARS/IPARS ROM Pack
  • 834R10 - SDLC/SNA (RD2) ROM Pack
  • 834R11 - Extended Monitor ROM Pack
  • 834R13 - SDLC/SNA (RD3) ROM Pack
  • 830R13 - SDLC/SNA (RD3) ROM Pack