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Tektronix 5223
10 MHz analog/digital mainframe
Tektronix 5223

Produced from 1981 to 1988

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The Tektronix 5223 is a 10 MHz mainframe with digital storage. The 5B25N timebase was designed for this scope to allow recording of pretrigger events. The scope is compatible with the faster 5A3x and 5A4x vertical plugins but does not provide on-screen readout.

When equipped with Option 10 (GPIB), some major parts of the internal control circuits were changed and the scope was called "5223 Option 10". There is a complete different set of user and service manual for this model.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 10 MHz with 5A38, 5A45, 5A48; 12 MHz mainframe analog bandwidth, tested with 067-0680-00; X axis 7 MHz
Fastest cal. sweep 20 ns/Div
Sample rate up to 1 MS/s (1 vertical bay) / 500 kS/s (2 bays)
Resolution 10 bit
Memory 1k samples per vertical bay
CRT 8×10 Div @ 1.22 cm/Div, 15 kV acceleration, P31 phosphor 154-0827-00
  • Roll mode
  • Recorder output
  • GPIB interface (Option 10)


The Opt.10 board uses a Zilog Z-80 processor.



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