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The CG5001 is for the TM 5000 series, not the TM 500 series. However, a template doesn't exist for the TM 5000 series, so it wasn't just a one character change. Indeed, the first line of the article is nowhere to be seen when the article is opened in edit mode.

I (Kurt) am concerned that the templating of pages adds complexity and reduces the likelihood that non-programmers will write for Tekwiki. Most people who request accounts to edit the wiki never submit any changes. Are they put off by the complexity of the system? I don't know.

Maybe some kind of "howto" document would help.

Kurt, it's normal that many more people request accounts than contribute (much). In a Wiki I administer, I recently cleaned up "dead" user accounts - 85% of 2,500! Yes, a howto should help - let's see.
--Peter (talk) 09:57, 7 November 2014 (PST)