Logan Belleville

Logan M. Belleville (b. Oct. 29, 1909 in Twin Falls, ID – d. Jan 8, 2000 in Vancouver, WA) was a Tektronix engineer.

Logan Belleville

Previously a development engineer at the U.S. Forest Service Radio Lab, he had worked at the MIT Radiation Laboratories during WWII and joined Tektronix in 1946 to become the young company's second engineer. He left Tektronix in 1953.


Tektronix Products

  • Designed 512
  • Co-designed 511
  • Co-designed 517
  • ...

Products by Logan Belleville

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
511 Oscilloscope 10 MHz Tube scope
First Tektronix oscilloscope
Frank Hood Logan Belleville Howard Vollum 1947
512 Oscilloscope Early 2 MHz scope Logan Belleville 1948
511A Oscilloscope 10 MHz Tube scope Frank Hood Logan Belleville Howard Vollum 1948
517 Oscilloscope 50 MHz scope Logan Belleville Dick Rhiger 1951

Components by Logan Belleville

Patents by Logan Belleville

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 2577506A US 2577506A Amplifier Logan Belleville Logan Belleville 1945-07-09 1951-12-04
Patent US 3461386A US 3461386A Coaxial switch using reed switch and assembly and system with isolated actuating coil Sam McCutcheon Logan Belleville William H Ewin Automated Measurements Corp 1966-01-17 1969-08-12