Sam McCutcheon

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Sam McCutcheon

Samuel R McCutcheon (? – ?) led the development of the 567 and 6R1. His start date at Tektronix was 1957 or before. He left Tektronix on November 1st, 1963 and took a job at Fairchild in Palo Alto.

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Products by Sam McCutcheon

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
6R1 Plug-in Digital readout plug-in Sam McCutcheon 1962
567 Oscilloscope Sampling scope Sam McCutcheon 1962

Components by Sam McCutcheon

Patents by Sam McCutcheon

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3105945A US 3105945A Signal energy take off device Sam McCutcheon Norm Winningstad Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1960-11-07 1963-10-01
Patent US 3181086A US 3181086A Electrical switch with the outer conductors of coaxial leads connected to spaced shield plates Sam McCutcheon Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1961-06-12 1965-04-27
Patent US 3219801A US 3219801A Pulse counter John Kobbe Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1961-08-25 1965-11-23
Patent US 3359491A US 3359491A Signal waveform characteristic measuring system having stop-start logic circuit Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1962-06-15 1967-12-19
Patent US 3153734A US 3153734A Comparator circuits for determining when a number is greater than a predetermined number Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1962-06-18 1964-10-20
Patent US 3196292A US 3196292A Noise suppressor circuit Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1964-02-26 1965-07-20
Patent US 3375501A US 3375501A Peak memory circuit employing comparator for controlling voltage of storage capacitor Sam McCutcheon Bob Webb Tektronix Inc 1964-03-23 1968-03-26
Patent US 3363179A US 3363179A Apparatus for automatically testing electronic devices with movable probe containing a test circuit Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1964-03-23 1968-01-09
Patent US 3461386A US 3461386A Coaxial switch using reed switch and assembly and system with isolated actuating coil Sam McCutcheon Logan Belleville William H Ewin Automated Measurements Corp 1966-01-17 1969-08-12