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Tektronix TR210
Analog signature analysis instrument
Tektronix TR210

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The Tektronix TR210 is an analog signature analysis instrument, a form of in-circuit curve tracer made popular by company Huntron, who also manufactured the TR210 under an OEM arrangement, which is why it bears the "Huntron Tracker" trademark.

It is designed to use an external oscilloscope as an X-Y display, connected via a pair of BNC connectors on the rear panel. The scope should be set to 1 V/Div.

Key Specifications

Test frequency 50/60 Hz (equal to local line frequency), 200 Hz, 2000 Hz
Test voltages 3 V, 10 V, 15 V, 20 V, 60 V peak open circuit
Pulse generator output 0 to ±5 V


Documents Referencing TR210

Documents Referencing Curve tracers

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