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Tektronix 10A2A
100 MHz dual channel amplifier plugin
Tektronix 10A2A

Compatible with 647

Produced from 1967 to 1974

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The Tektronix Type 10A2A is a 100 MHz dual-trace vertical plug-in for the 647 and 647A oscilloscopes, designed by John Addis.

It was introduced in 1967 to replace the 50 MHz 10A2.

Key Specifications

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Some Parts Used in the 10A2A

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
7586 154-0306-00 Vacuum Tube (Triode) Nuvistor triode M 1A1 1A2 1A5 10A2 10A2A 11B1 11B2A 321 321A 3A1 3A1S 3A3 3A5 3A6 3A7 3A8 3A74 3S76 3T77 3T77A 3B5 4S1 4S2 6R1 6R1A 9A1 9A2 82 86 S-311