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Tektronix 5440
60 MHz mainframe
Tektronix 5440

Produced from 1976 to 1991

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The Tektronix 5440 (5403/D40) s a 60 MHz 5000-series oscilloscope that uses three 5400/5000-series plug-ins.

All 5000-series plug-ins work in the 5440. When 5400 series (non-N) plug-ins are used, e.g., the 5A48, the 5440 provides on-screen readout, unless the 5440 has Option 1 (no CRT readout). 5000-series plug-ins whose model name ends in an "N" will work in a 5440, but without readout, i.e., the signal trace will work normally.


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CRT accelerating voltage is 15 kV.


Option Number Option Name Option Description
1 Without CRT Readout "The 5440 may be ordered without crt readout. This feature can easily be added later with a conversion kit." The conversion kit is Tektronix part number 040-0691-00.
3 User Addressable CRT Readout "An additional crt readout access is available for the operator to program two 10-digit characters such as time, operator name, or test number. The additional display is useful for photographic records and is programmed by external resistors and switches."
4 Protective Panel Cover "(Cabinet Model Only) The 5440 may be ordered with a protective front-panel cover. The cover protects the front panel and knobs during transportation and storage."
76 P7 Phosphor no charge
78 P11 Phosphor no charge


Year 1990
Catalog price $4,430
2017 value $8,300