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Tektronix equipment makes use of a wide variety of connectors, most of which follow established standards, but occasionally, custom connectors were designed. This page presents a partial overview of connectors used in Tektronix equipment.

For details, please see the pages linked from the headings.

Coaxial connectors

BNC connector Tekprobe BNC connector
BNC Female
BNC Male
Tekprobe connector (socket)
Tekprobe-BNC interface
SMA connector SMB connector
SMA Male
SMA Female
SMB Connector as Strobe Input to 4S1 Sampler
SMB Connector as Tripper Pulse Input to 284 Tunnel Diode
3.5 mm connector 2.92 mm connector
3.5 mm female image needed
3.5 mm male
2.92 mm female
2.92 mm male
UHF connector N connector
UHF socket (on a Type G plug-in)
The 013-045 has one male two female UHF connectors
N connector.jpg
N socket.jpg
GR-874 connector BSM connector
GR-874 cable connector
GR-874 connector on S-1 sampling head
BSM female on front lower right of 7T11
BSM panel jack
Gremar connector Peltola connector
5t1a coax interconnect.jpg
TNC connector  
TNC Female
TNC Male

See also Coax connector comparison

Fiberoptic connectors

FC/PC connector

Non-coaxial low-voltage connectors

Banana connector LEMO S-series connector
Banana plug (original style)
Banana jack (Ext H input on 502)
LEMO S-series male (on P6201)
Probe power connector on rear panel of 7104
GPIB connector Amphenol 165 series connectors
GPIB connector on back of a Tektronix TDS210 scope
Stacking GPIB cable connector
Rear Connector on 175
Rear Connector on 575
XLR connector 0.1" header
3-pin XLR cable plug and socket
5-pin XLR panel socket
0.1" pin headers with cable connectors
D-sub connector

Power connectors

IEC connector Octal connector
IEC 320 (60320) C14 power inlet
IEC 320 (60320) C13 cable plugs
Modern octal cable plug
Octal power sockets on 160 series modules
NEMA 5-15 connector NEMA 1-15 connector
NEMA 5-15 ("Edison"), recessed
NEMA 5-15 ("Edison")
NEMA 1-15