P64xx input leads/Repairs

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10/16/20 pin probes

Logic probes with the 10/16/20 pin configuration includes P6406, P6407, P6408, P6450, P6451, P6452, P6455, P6456, P6460, P6462 and A6701. These probes accept a lead set in the form of a 10 pin , 16 pin or 20 pin connector, see P64xx_input_leads.


Even though the probe side has each pin separated in its own slot, these input pins are a standard .65 mm square pin header on a 0.2" (5.08 mm) pitch. It is possible to use standard jumper wires with pins, sockets or clips on the other end for connecting inputs.

Individual .65 mm square pin connectors

3x10 pin probes

Logic probes with the 3x10 pin header configuration includes P6440, P6441, P6442, P6443 and P6444. These probes accept 3 lead sets in the form of a 10 pin connector.

These types of lead sets are very hard to find. Fortunately they are made with readily available parts that can still be bought today. They work just as well as originals and can be made for less then 4$ per connector.


Most of the adapters are made out of 3M parts. The adapter consist of a 10 position IDC socket (3473-6000), a strain relief (optional) (6473-6000) and a socket pull tab (optional) (3490-1). A 430 Ω resistor must be placed in series between the ribbon cable and the connecting end.


Replica on bottom, original on top. Replicas