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The Tektronix P6407 is a 17-bit Word Recognizer Probe for the 2445 Opt. 09, 2465 Opt. 09, 2430A Opt. 03, 2432A Opt. 03 and 2440 Opt. 03 scopes. It connects to the scope through a 6-pin LEMO S-series connector on the rear panel.

The P6407 uses the P64xx-family 10-wire input lead harnesses with 0.2" connectors. It is also possible to use standard jumper wires with pins, sockets or clips on the other end for connecting inputs.


Input voltage −0.5 V to 5.5 V Peak max.
Input current 20 μA max. at 2.7 V, 0.6 mA max. at 0.5 V
Speed Up to 10 MHz without External Clock, 20 MHz with External Clock
Features 17-bit, TTL Compatible


The scope sends configuration data (compare and don't care bits) through a shift register made from five 74C164s, similar to the P6406. Signal inputs go to 74F00 gates through 300 Ω resistors, 74F521 comparators test the input bits and a 74F02 drives the cable.