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The Tektronix SD-44 is an Optical-to-electrical Converter plug-in for use with the CSA803 and 11800 series sampling oscilloscopes equipped with an SD2x or SD3x electrical sampling head.

The SD44 Optical-to-electrical Converter can be plugged directly into a 11800 sampling slot, CSA803 power slot, 016-1609-00 power supply, or attached via a sampling head extender cable (012-1220-00, 1 meter or 012-1221-00, 2 meters) for remote use.

Optical signal input on the SD-44 is a standard FC/PC fiber optic connector. Other connector types can be accommodated by using hybrid fiber optic jumper cables (SA/SD42) or an assortment of hybrid mating adapters (SD44). The electrical signal output uses a 3.5 mm connector.


Bandwidth 15 GHz
Optical wavelength 950-1650 nm
Conversion factor ≥ 35 mV/mW at 1310 and 1550 nm
Nose equivalent power ≤ 15 pW/√Hz into 50 Ω
Internal Fiber core: 9  μm single-mode fiber, cladding: 125 μm

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