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Stephen H. Skidmore (? – ?)

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Products by Steve Skidmore

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
7L12 Plug-in 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Morris Engelson Linley Gumm Gene Kauffman Larry Lockwood Gordon Long Steve Morton Paul Parks Fred Telewski Neal Broadbent Jack Doyle Al Huegli Steve Skidmore Leighton Whitsett Judy Hanson Robert Holmes Carolyn Moore Rena Randle 1971
7L5 Plug-in 5 MHz Spectrum Analyzer Fendall Winston Craig Bryant Steve Morton Bill Benedict Don Kirkpatrick Steve Skidmore Carlos Beeck Morris Engelson 1976
492 Spectrum Analyzer 21 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Larry Lockwood Steve Morton Linley Gumm Robert Alm Bob Bales Carlos Beeck Bill Benedict Craig Bryant Russell Brown Wes Hayward David Leatherwood Gordon Long Dave Morton Bill Peterson David Shores Steve Skidmore Dennis Smith Phil Snow Leighton Whitset Norman Witt 1980

Components by Steve Skidmore

Patents by Stephen H. Skidmore

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 4737744A US 4737744A Integrated capacitors for forming components of bandpass filters Wes Hayward Stephen H. Skidmore Keith E. Jones Tektronix Inc 1986-02-21 1988-04-12