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Larry R. Lockwood (? – ?)

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Products by Larry Lockwood

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
7L12 Plug-in 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Morris Engelson Linley Gumm Gene Kauffman Larry Lockwood Gordon Long Steve Morton Paul Parks Fred Telewski Neal Broadbent Jack Doyle Al Huegli Steve Skidmore Leighton Whitsett Judy Hanson Robert Holmes Carolyn Moore Rena Randle 1971

Components by Larry Lockwood

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Patents by Larry Lockwood

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3646456A US 3646456A Logarithmic amplifier Gene Kauffman Larry Lockwood Tektronix Inc 1970-07-09 1972-02-29
Patent US 3760283A US 3760283A Sampling device Larry Lockwood Tektronix Inc 1971-08-23 1973-09-18
Patent US 4450422A US 4450422A Electronic filter devices Larry Lockwood Tektronix Inc 1982-09-28 1984-05-22
Patent US 4575699A US 4575699A Dielectric resonator frequency selective network Larry Lockwood Tektronix Inc 1984-11-23 1986-03-11
Patent US 4580109A US 4580109A Low noise oscillator Larry Lockwood Tektronix Inc 1984-11-23 1986-04-01
Patent US 4670723A US 4670723A Broad band, thin film attenuator and method for construction thereof Leonard A. Roland Larry Lockwood H. Erwin Grellmann Tektronix Inc 1985-03-18 1987-06-02
Patent US 4654600A US 4654600A Phase detector Larry Lockwood Tektronix Inc 1985-08-30 1987-03-31