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The Tektronix T3210 aka T321  (P/N 154-0226-00, 154-0293-00, 154-0294-00, 154-0295-00, 154-0347-00, 154-0385-00) is a 3" CRT used in the 321 scope. It uses deflection blanking.

T321 and T3210 are the same part, just a difference in naming convention.

The T3210 has a heater current of 300 mA. The T3211 is a compatible replacement, but reduced heater current (90 mA).

The T3210 was available in different phosphors.

Part numbers

Part Number Name Phosphor
154-0226-00 (154-226) T3210-2 (T321 P2) P2 (standard)
154-0293-00 (154-293) T3210-1 (T321 P1) P1
154-0294-00 (154-294) T3210-7 (T321 P7) P7
154-0295-00 (154-295) T3210-11 (T321 P11) P11
154-0347-00 (154-347) T3210-31 (T321 P31) P31
154-0385-00 (154-385) T3210-32 (T321 p32) P32



Some instruments using part T3210

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
321 Tektronix Oscilloscope 321 Portable single channel scope 1960