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The Tektronix T581 aka T5810-31, T5810-31-1  (P/N 154-0224-00, 154-0228-00, 154-0229-00, 154-0230-00, 154-0297-00, 154-0354-00, 154-0396-00, 154-0435-00, 154-0445-00, 154-0446-00, 154-0479-00, 154-0479-01, 154-0479-02) is a CRT used in the 581 and 585. A key designer was John Kobbe.

An improved version known as the T5810-31-1 (154-0479-00) was used in the 581A and 585A from certain serial numbers up.

The T581 came with P31 phosphor standard, but was also available with P1, P2, P7, and P11. Usable viewing area is 4 cm by 10 cm.

The vertical deflection plates are distributed. The horizontal deflection plates are a conventional pair of plates.

Vertical deflection factor is 4.6 to 5.6 V/cm, horizontal deflection factor 18 to 21 V/cm. Rise time is about 1 ns according to a 1964 Service Scope article. The characteristic impedance of the vertical deflection structure is 900 Ω, plate-to-plate.

10 kV total accelerating voltage (−1.35 kV on cathode / +8.65 kV on anode) is typical for the T581.

Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor Graticule
154-0224-00 (154-224) T5810-2 (T581 P2) P2 external
154-0228-00 (154-228) T5810-1 (T581 P1) P1 external
154-0229-00 (154-229) T5810-7 (T581 P7) P7 external
154-0230-00 (154-230) T5810-11 (T581 P11) P11 external
154-0297-00 (154-297) T5810-20 (T581 P20) P20 external
154-0354-00 (154-354) T5810-31 (T581 P31) P31 external
154-0396-00 (154-396) T5810-31 (T581 P31) P31 external
154-0435-00 T5810-31-1 P31 internal
154-0445-00 T5810-2-1 P2 internal
154-0446-00 T5810-11-1 P31 internal
154-0479-00 T5810-31-1 P31 internal
154-0479-01 T5810-02-1 P2 internal
154-0479-02 T5810-11-1 P11 internal