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Tektronix TM503
three-bay mainframe
Tektronix TM503

Produced from 1972 to (?)

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The Tektronix TM503 is a three-bay mainframe for the TM500 system.

All bays are low-power. It has a single strap carrying handle on the right side.

The TM503A moves the power switch to the rear and has a swiveling carrying handle that can also act as a stand.

The TM503B retains the power switch position and changes the handle material to plastic. It also allows the power supply/backplane part to be removed from the case so that modules to be repaired on the bench without using extenders (see link below). It also has openings for the TM5000 GPIB feature, but not the connectors nor the power good signal for TM5000 plugins.

Key Specifications

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Option 2

Option 2 adds internal pin headers for each slot as well as rear 50-pin and BNC connectors, allowing for custom wiring to, from and between plugins.

On the standard TM503, cutouts for three BNC sockets have been made in the rear frame, meaning that the user only needs to drill holes in the rear cover plate to install the sockets.

Option 7

Option 7 adds barrier keys (214-1593-02) and connections on the rear interface to allow connections between a DC502 Opt.7 to a TR502 or SW503, such that the center or marker frequency of a sweep can be read of the DC502.


Documents Referencing TM503

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Tekscope 1972 V4 N3 May 1972.pdf Article TM500 series - A New Dimension in Plug-in Instrumentation Bob Ragsdale 1972
Tekscope 1975 V7 N2.pdf Article The TM500 Mobile Test Lab Dick Brown 1975
067-1201-99 TM500 Power Module Constr Note.pdf Application Note TM500 Power Module Tester and Utility Power Supply Warren Collier 1977

Documents Referencing TM503A

Documents Referencing TM503B


The pass transistors on the low-power compartments are MJE2901 (151-0373-00, PNP) / MJE2801 (151-0349-00, NPN) − 60 V, 10 A, hfE 25 - 100.