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Tektronix TM504
four-bay mainframe
Tektronix TM504

Produced from 1975 to (?)

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The Tektronix TM504 is a four-bay mainframe for the TM500 system.

The rightmost compartment can supply high-powered plugins.
The TM504A is functionally identical, with the addition of a fan in the rear panel and relocation of the power switch to the centre underside of the front panel.
The TM504A was exclusively supplied as part of the F7523A1 MOD WQ Test Set, part number TS-4353-U, containing modules SG505 Mod WQ, SG505 Mod WR and AA501A Mod WQ.

Option 2

TM504 Option 2 adds internal pin headers for each slot as well as rear 50-pin and BNC connectors, allowing for custom wiring to, from and between plugins.

Key Specifications

Plug-in Supplies
  • +33.5 V and −33.5 V, 1.4 A max shared by all compartments

Low Power Compartments:

  • 2 × 25 VAC, 0.5 A / 25 VA; floating ≤350 V (peak) per compartment
  • +11.5 V, and 17.5 VAC with grounded centre tap, 3.6 A max shared between all three low power compartments

High Power Compartment:

  • 2 × 25 VAC, 1 A / 50 VA; floating ≤350 V (peak)
  • +11.5 V, and 17.5 VAC with grounded centre tap, 4 A max shared between these two supplies
Line Voltage 100, 110, 120, 200, 220, 240 V
Line Frequency 48 Hz to 440 Hz
Max Power 220 W
Weight 18.5 lbs (8.4 Kg)
Size 9.5" (24.1 cm)H, 12" (30.5 cm)W, 20" (50.8 cm)L

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