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Tektronix PG502
250 MHz pulse generator
Tektronix PG502

Produced from 1974 to 1993

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The Tektronix PG502 is a 250 MHz pulse generator plug-in for the TM500 system.

Key Specifications

Frequency range 10 Hz to 250 MHz
Pulse width 2 ns to 5 ms,  ×10 variable (i.e. up to 50 ms)
Rise/fall time ≤1 ns (fixed)
Output High and low levels adjustable independently in ±5 V range
  • Selectable internal source termination ("BACK TERM")
  • External trigger / pulse duration control input

Rear interface functions

  • TRIG OUT 27B,28A / GND 27A,28B (requires adding a coax cable, and for + polarity disconnecting the front-panel +TRIG OUT)
  • TRIG 24B / GND 25B (requires adding a coax cable and disconnecting the front-panel +TRIG/DURATION INPUT)



Custom ICs used in the PG502

Page Class Manufacturer Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0064-00 Hybrid integrated circuit Tektronix H074A 155-0064-00 vertical output amplifier 7834 7854 7904 R7903 7912AD 485 PG502
155-0078-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M084 155-0078-xx 155-0273-00 155-0274-00 broadband vertical amplifier John Addis 464 465 466 468 475 475A 475M 485 7834 7844 7854 7904 R7903 R7912 7912AD 7912HB 7104 7A16A 7A16P 7A24 7A26 7A42 067-0587-01 067-0680-00 AM503 PG502 PG508 DC510 DC5010 FG5010
155-0125-00 Hybrid integrated circuit Tektronix H074B 155-0125-00 output amplifier Mike Reiney PG502