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  • no idea about the bandwidth spec. It was probably meant for the slow differential amplifiers and the current probe amplifiers
  • I saw two of these, interestingly, both were loaded with two 7A13 differential comparators
User:Marian, 22 Feb 2015

The page says "The NT-7000 was designed and manufactured by Tektronix in Germany to meet some customers' special requirements." Do we know what customers those were and what there requirements were, and why this was done in Tek Germany? Were they European customers? Was Beaverton involved at all in the NT-7000?

User:Kurt, 30 Jun 2018
The NT-7000 was not designed and built by Tektronix Germany. It was designed and built by a small start up company, Oregon Analog Tools, located in Portland OR. Tektronix Germany must have signed an OEM agreement with OAT. The purpose of the NT-7000 was to provide power and signal out from a 7A13. The target market was SMPS designers, as a differential amplifier with fast over drive recovery is required to make many of the measurements on the switching devices. When Tek discontinued the 11000 series with the 11A33, no suitable product was needed, although the market still needed a solution.
This unfilled need lead to the creation of another start-up - Preamble Instruments formed by former Tek employees. The president was an experienced SMPS designer. I was the engineering manager of Preamble Instruments. The NT-7000 was considered a competitor, but OAT did not have much marketing and few potential customers kenw of it. Preamble designed the DA-1855, an updated version of the 7A13. The principle designer was John Addis, a skilled analog design engineer also from Tektronix. Preamble Instruments was purchased by LeCroy in 1998, and became their active probe and signal conditioner design center.
User:SteveS, 13 Nov 2018
Would you know if the NT-7000 is the same as or related to the Oregon Analog Tools ASM7?
--Peter (talk) 23:26, 15 November 2018 (PST)
Hi folks, it is for sure that this device was developed in Hamburg/Germany. Please have a look at the sticker. I was the engineering manager for this project at that time and the engineer was Herbert Nebe. Please refer to the schematic. It shows September 15, 1998! Oregon Analog Tools was founded in 1992! Of course they may have developed a similar product because it was obvious that there was a need for it. We developed this power supply because the research lab wanted to use the 7A13 and 7A22 for data processing connecting to their own digitizers. Tek Germany sold a lot of the differential amps because of the NT-7000. That was the pupose of the development. Later on we supplied this item to other research labs as well. We stopped producing the NT-7000 in 1992. User:Wolfgang