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Tektronix NT-7000
Mainframe for 7000-series vertical plug-ins
Tektronix NT-7000

Produced from 1988 to 1992

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The Tektronix NT-7000 is a bench-top mainframe designed to hold two 7000-series vertical plug-ins for operation outside a 7000-series oscilloscope mainframe, e.g. to use a 7A14 current probe amplifier or 7A13/7A22 differential amplifiers with non-plugin scopes.

The NT-7000 has two single-ended outputs (BNC jacks) on the front panel, one for each of the plugins. The label says "With scope at 20 mV/DIV into 50 Ω".

The power switch is located on the back, the front panel includes only an indicator light.

The NT-7000 was OEMed by Tektronix in Germany to meet some customers' special requirements. The product was designed and built by Oregon Analog Tools, a small startup located in Portland, OR.

The NT-7000, as SteveS writes, was a power supply that allowed 7000 series plugins to be powered without buying a 7000 series Tektronix oscilloscope. The NT-7000 also contains a differential input to single-ended output amplifier. This gives full access to the plugin’s signal. The product would be useful for anyone wanting to display the signal from any 7000 series Tektronix plugin on another oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer or digital oscilloscope (for averaging or other calculations).

The NT-7000 designers were former Tektronix employees, Curtis F. Stein and John P. Boatwright.


Rise time 3.3 ns (equiv. 106 MHz bandwidth for the enclosure alone)