Time domain reflectometers

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Time domain reflectometers are used to determine the characteristics of electrical or optical transmission lines by observing reflected pulses.


Patents that may apply to Time domain reflectometers

Page Title Inventors Filing date Grant date Links
Patent US 3434049A Time domain reflectometry system having a current source for locating discontinuities in a transmission line George Frye 1965-12-06 1969-03-18
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Patent US 4743753A Method and apparatus for carrying out fiber optic time domain reflectomery wherein Golay complementary sequences are applied John Cheng Jeffrey H. Goll J. Nelson Edwards 1986-09-05 1988-05-10
Patent US 4989971A Automatic mask trigger for an optical time domain reflectometer Kevin B. McDonald 1989-07-14 1991-02-05
Patent US 6437578B1 Cable loss correction of distance to fault and time domain reflectometer measurements Linley Gumm 2000-11-14 2002-08-20