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Tektronix 3T7
Sampling Timebase
Tektronix 3T7 front

Compatible with 560-series scopes

Produced from 1971 to 1973

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The Tektronix Type 3T7 is a sampling timebase and pulser plug-in for 560-series scopes. The 3T7 was introduced in 1971. Used with a 3S7, a TDR system is formed.

The pulse is produced by a 21 mA, 1.5 pF tunnel diode, CR587, made by GE with Tektronix part number 152-0489-00.

The interface between the GR-874 connector and the printed circuit board is described in US Patent 3,426,311.

The 3T7 uses a CA3051 dual amplifier chip.


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Custom ICs used in the 3T7

Page Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0035-00 M053B 155-0035-00 155-0116-00 quad op-amp Mike Metcalf 3110 3S7 3T7 492 492A 492AP 492P 494 494P 496 496P 4010 4011 4012 4013 7L5 7L12 7L13 7L14 7L18 7S11 7T11 7S12 S-6 1461 4602 P7001 613 653