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Willem B. Velsink (? – ?) managed 7000-series development. Before that, he led Accessories Design from mid-1963.

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Products by Wim Velsink

Components by Wim Velsink

Patents by Wim Velsink

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3305800A US 3305800A Electrical transformer circuit Wim Velsink Tektronix Inc 1963-08-15 1967-02-21
Patent US 3215959A US 3215959A Shielded electrical attenuator assembly Wim Velsink Tektronix Inc 1963-08-19 1965-11-02
Patent US 3525041A US 3525041A Magnetic field measuring method and device effective over a wide frequency range Wim Velsink Tektronix Inc 1966-08-08 1970-08-18
Patent CA 1018684A CA 1018684A Oscilloscope sampling system Luis Navarro Wim Velsink Jack Gilmore Hiro Moriyasu Luis Navarro, Wim Velsink, Tektronix, Jack Gilmore, Hiro Moriyasu 1973-01-08 1976-06-04
Patent CA 1032281A CA 1032281A Oscilloscope system for acquiring, processing, and displaying information Luis Navarro Hiro Moriyasu Wim Velsink Jack Gilmore Tektronix 1973-01-08 1974-01-07
Patent US 4225940A US 4225940A Oscilloscope system for acquiring, processing, and displaying information Hiro Moriyasu Jack Gilmore Wim Velsink Luis Navarro Tektronix Inc 1978-10-02 1978-10-02