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Jack Arthur Gilmore (? – ?)

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Documents Authored by Jack Gilmore

Document Page Class Title Author(s) Year Refers to
Tekscope 1973 V5 N2 Mar 1973.pdf 2 Article The Oscilloscope with Computing Power Hiro Moriyasu Luis Navarro Jack Gilmore Bruce Hamilton 1973 7704A P7001

Products by Jack Gilmore

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
P7001 Oscilloscope Digitizer for the 7704A oscilloscope Hiro Moriyasu Luis Navarro Bruce Hamilton Jack Gilmore Bob Shand Bruce Hamilton Jack Robinson Bill Lucas Jack Grimes Dennis Keldsen Mohamed Saba Dick Beatty Wayne Eshelman George Rhine Bill Markwart Marlow Butler Carl Dalby Colin Doward Gale Byers 1973

Components by Jack Gilmore

Patents by Jack Gilmore

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent CA 1018684A CA 1018684A Oscilloscope sampling system Luis Navarro Wim Velsink Jack Gilmore Hiro Moriyasu Luis Navarro, Wim Velsink, Tektronix, Jack Gilmore, Hiro Moriyasu 1973-01-08 1976-06-04
Patent CA 1032281A CA 1032281A Oscilloscope system for acquiring, processing, and displaying information Luis Navarro Hiro Moriyasu Wim Velsink Jack Gilmore Tektronix 1973-01-08 1974-01-07
Patent US 4106011A US 4106011A Keyboard circuit John Laurence Melanson Richard Allen Springer Jack Duane Grimes Jack Gilmore Tektronix Inc 1975-10-24 1978-08-08
Patent US D244614S US D244614S Computing system Jack Gilmore Garry Mitchell Burgess Sid Broughton Martha Jane Rowland Tektronix Inc 1975-10-24 1977-06-07
Patent US 4225940A US 4225940A Oscilloscope system for acquiring, processing, and displaying information Hiro Moriyasu Jack Gilmore Wim Velsink Luis Navarro Tektronix Inc 1978-10-02 1978-10-02