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Tektronix 26G1
Rate/Ramp generator
Tektronix 26G1

Compatible with 2600 series

Produced from 1971 to (?)


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The Tektronix 26G1 is a rate generator and ramp generator for the 2600 series.


Custom ICs used in the 26G1

Page Class Manufacturer Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0056-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M042E 155-0056-00 sweep control Val Garuts 26G1 26G2 26G3 314 4701 5B10N 5B12N 7L5 7L12 7L13 7L14 7L18 7S14 5S14N RG501 Telequipment D63 Telequipment DM63