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Tektronix 5B40
60 MHz timebase
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Compatible with 5400-series scopes

Produced from 1975 to 1992


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The Tektronix 5B40 is a 60 MHz timebase for 5400-series scopes


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The trigger signal passes through source switching, coupling switching, and then a JFET source-follower buffer. Next, the signal is buffered by a PNP emitter-follower biased at around 5mA collector current. That provides a known (low) source impedance for driving the switch-selectable LF reject and HF reject filters. The output of the filters drives a discrete NPN differential amplifier, which drives U165, a 155-0109-01 Tek-made trigger IC.


Custom ICs used in the 5B40

Page Class Manufacturer Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0049-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M079G 155-0049-02 sweep control with lockout Bill DeVey 335 464 465 466 475 485 4851 4852 5B31 5B40 5B52 5B42 5B44 7B53A 7B80 7B85 7B87 7B92A 7B90P 7B10 7B15 SC502 7B42N
155-0109-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix M120B 155-0109-00 trigger Gary Vance 5B25N 5B31 5B40 5B42 5B44 7B50A 7B80 7B85 7B87 7B81P 7B90P 7S14 5S14N SC502 SC504