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Tektronix 5B40
60 MHz timebase
Tek 5B40

Compatible with 5400-series scopes

Produced from 1975 to 1992

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The Tektronix 5B40 is a 60 MHz timebase for 5400-series scopes.

Key Specifications

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The trigger signal passes through source switching, coupling switching, and then a JFET source-follower buffer. Next, the signal is buffered by a PNP emitter-follower biased at around 5 mA collector current. That provides a known (low) source impedance for driving the switch-selectable LF reject and HF reject filters. The output of the filters drives a discrete NPN differential amplifier, which drives U165, a 155-0109-01 Tek-made trigger IC.



Some Parts Used in the 5B40

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
155-0028-00 155-0028-00 155-0028-01 155-0042-00 155-0042-01 155-0042-02 155-0042-03 Monolithic integrated circuit Miller integrator and delay pickoff 5030 R5030 5031 R5031 1401 1401A 1480 1481 1482 1485 26G1 26G2 26G3 314 335 432 434 4701 5B10N 5B12N 5B31 5B40 5B42 5S14N 7B52 7B53A 7B53N 7L12 7L13 7L14 7L18 7S14 AN/USM-281C RG501 Telequipment D63 Telequipment DM63
155-0049-00 155-0049-00 155-0049-01 155-0049-02 Monolithic integrated circuit sweep control with lockout 335 464 465 466 475 475A 475M 485 5B31 5B40 5B52 5B42 5B44 7B53A 7B80 7B85 7B87 7B92A 7B90P 7B10 7B15 SC502 7B42N AN/USM-281C 067-0657-00
155-0109-00 155-0109-00 155-0109-01 Monolithic integrated circuit trigger 5B25N 5B31 5B40 5B42 5B44 5S14N 7B50A 7B53A 7B80 7B85 7B87 7B81P 7B90P 7S14 7612D SC502 SC503 SC504