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Tektronix 7612D
200 MS/s sampler
7612D with 620 Monitor

Produced from 1980 to 1988

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The Tektronix 7612D is a digitizer that takes two vertical 7000-series plug-ins, typically the digitally programmable 7A16Ps.

It has a vertical bandwidth of 80 MHz. The sample rate is 200 Msamples/s. It uses a T7610 tube with an electron-bombarded semiconductor sensor as the digitizer, a form of scan converter.

Key Specifications

Sampling Clock 200 MHz ±0.0035%
Sampling Rate 1 S/s – 200 MS/s
Bandwidth 90 MHz
Resolution 8 bit
Effective number of bits
  • 7.8 @ 300 kHz
  • 6.0 @ 20 MHz
  • 4.0 @ 80 MHz
Memory 2048 8-bit words/channel


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The main advantage of the instrument is the capability of changing the sample rate during digitizing. The returned raw data of the example can be found here: File:Tek 7612D digitizing settings data.txt