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Bozidar Janko (? – ?)

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Products by Bo Janko

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
7912 Oscilloscope 500/750 MHz Digitizer Carlo Infante Jim Cavoretto Al Allworth Don Roberts Stu McNaughton Walt Lowy Ray Hayes Ken Hawken Bob Culter Hal Cobb Ed Ritz Bo Janko 1973

Components by Bo Janko

Model Class Description Designers Used in
T7912 CRT scan converter tube Carlo Infante Ray Hayes Ken Hawken Bob Culter Hal Cobb Ed Ritz Bo Janko R7912 7912AD 7912HB

Patents by Bozidar Janko

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3753129A US 3753129A Stabilization of prepare voltage of transmission storage target Bozidar Janko Tektronix Inc 1972-01-24 1973-08-14
Patent US 3849695A US 3849695A Distributed deflection structure employing dielectric support Richard Elliot Piazza Bozidar Janko Tektronix Inc 1973-07-19 1974-11-19
Patent US 4075533A US 4075533A Electron beam forming structure utilizing an ion trap Bozidar Janko Tektronix Inc 1976-09-07 1978-02-21
Patent US 4137479A US 4137479A Cathode ray tube having an electron lens system including a meshless scan expansion post deflection acceleration lens Bozidar Janko Tektronix Inc 1977-01-06 1979-01-30
Patent US 4110749A US 4110749A Touch display to digital encoding system Bozidar Janko Aris Silzars Tektronix Inc 1977-05-06 1978-08-29
Patent US 4207492A US 4207492A Slow-wave high frequency deflection structure William H. Tomison Bozidar Janko Myron A. Bostwick Jr. Aris Silzars Tektronix Inc 1978-08-07 1980-06-10
Patent US 4277722A US 4277722A Cathode ray tube having low voltage focus and dynamic correction Ken Hawken Bozidar Janko Tektronix Inc 1979-05-14 1981-07-07
Patent US 4623819A US 4623819A Accelerating and scan expansion electron lens means for a cathode ray tube Bozidar Janko Norman R. Franzen Myron A. Bostwick Jr. Tektronix Inc 1985-08-12 1986-11-18
Patent US 4891585A US 4891585A Multiple lead probe for integrated circuits in wafer form Bozidar Janko Kenneth R. Smith Tektronix Inc 1986-09-05 1990-01-02
Patent US 4950981A US 4950981A Apparatus for testing a circuit board Bozidar Janko Tektronix Inc 1989-04-14 1990-08-21
Patent US 4963821A US 4963821A Probe and method for testing a populated circuit board Bozidar Janko Zoran O. Sekulic Mark F. Bitetto Tektronix Inc 1989-04-14 1990-10-16
Patent US 5221895A US 5221895A Probe with microstrip transmission lines Bozidar Janko Val Garuts J. Lynn Saunders Tektronix Inc 1991-12-23 1993-06-22