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From TekWeek March 7, 1986
Val Garuts in the 1960s

Valdis Egils Garuts (b. 1939 in Cesis, Latvia – ?) worked at Tektronix from 1964 to 1992. He was named Chief Engineer (later Fellow) in 1981, one of 10 staff holding this title at the time.

He contributed to the following instruments:

Products by Val Garuts

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
3A9 Plug-in 1 MHz differential amplifier Val Garuts 1969
7A22 Plug-in 1 MHz differential amplifier Val Garuts 1969
5030 Oscilloscope 1 MHz diff-input dual-beam scope Val Garuts 1969
5031 Oscilloscope 1 MHz diff-input dual-beam storage scope Val Garuts 1969
7A19 Plug-in 600 MHz amplifier Thor Hallen Val Garuts 1971
7B92 Plug-in 500 MHz dual timebase Bill DeVey Les Larson Val Garuts 1971
7904 Oscilloscope 500 MHz non-storage mainframe Val Garuts Thor Hallen John McCormick Les Larson Bill DeVey Bill Peek Hans Springer Joe Burger Joel Swanno Ken Hawken 1971
7104 Oscilloscope 1 GHz mainframe with MCP CRT Val Garuts Gene Andrews Hans Springer John Addis Wink Gross Art Metz Aris Silzars Conrad Odenthal Dave Morgan 1978
7A29 Plug-in 1 GHz amplifier John Addis Val Garuts 1978
7B10 Plug-in 1 GHz timebase Art Metz Bruce Hofer Val Garuts 1978
7B15 Plug-in 1 GHz delaying timebase Art Metz Bruce Hofer Val Garuts 1978
7854 Oscilloscope 400 MHz waveform-processing scope Tom Rousseau Les Larson Jack Collins Ellen Deleganes Jim Schlegel Gary Fladstol Val Garuts Tim Holte Burt Johnson Bruce Kingsland Wes Kosta Jim Tallman Kirk Wimmer 1980
R7103 Oscilloscope 1 GHz non-storage mainframe Val Garuts Gene Andrews Hans Springer John Addis Wink Gross Art Metz Aris Silzars Conrad Odenthal Dave Morgan 1985

Components by Val Garuts

Model Class Description Designers Used in
155-0056-00 Monolithic integrated circuit sweep control Val Garuts 26G1 26G2 26G3 314 4701 5031 R5031 5B10N 5B12N 5S14N 7L5 7L12 7L13 7L14 7L18 7S14 5S14N RG501 Telequipment D63 Telequipment DM63

Patents by Val Garuts

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3609407A US 3609407A Automatic trigger level control circuit Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1969-06-09 1971-09-28
Patent US 3618130A US 3618130A High efficiency regulated oscillator circuit having a substantially sinusoidal waveform Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1969-07-28 1971-11-02
Patent US 3733514A US 3733514A Wide band amplifier having two separate high and low frequency paths for driving capacitive load with large amplitude signal Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1971-03-19 1973-05-15
Patent US RE29018E US RE29018E Continuously variable resistance attenuator using lossy transmission line and having constant signal transit time Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1975-06-09 1976-10-26
Patent US 3984793A US 3984793A High frequency attenuator David Arthur Hannaford Cornelis Teunis Veenendaal Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1975-11-20 1976-10-05
Patent US 4717837A US 4717837A Sample and hold network Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1986-07-18 1988-01-05
Patent US 4720685A US 4720685A FET transconductance amplifier with improved linearity and gain Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1986-09-02 1988-01-19
Patent US 4719447A US 4719447A Analog-to-digital converter with push-pull input signal configuration Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1987-02-09 1988-01-12
Patent US 4912399A US 4912399A Multiple lead probe for integrated circuits in wafer form Hans J. Greub Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1987-06-09 1990-03-27
Patent US 4835488A US 4835488A Wideband linearized emitter feedback amplifier Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1988-01-13 1989-05-30
Patent US 4916415A US 4916415A Balanced, impedance matched, coupling device Cliff Moulton Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1989-01-17 1990-04-10
Patent US 4950923A US 4950923A Analog multiplier based sample and hold network Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1989-07-28 1990-08-21
Patent US 5121090A US 5121090A Balun providing dual balanced outputs Val Garuts Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1990-04-09 1992-06-09
Patent US 5049837A US 5049837A Push-pull transformer coupled RF amplifier with response to DC Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1990-06-25 1991-09-17
Patent US 5221895A US 5221895A Probe with microstrip transmission lines Bozidar Janko Val Garuts J. Lynn Saunders Tektronix Inc 1991-12-23 1993-06-22
Patent US 5189313A US 5189313A Variable transition time generator Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1992-02-28 1993-02-23