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Ken Hawken (b. 1934 – d. 2014) was an engineer at Tektronix. He designed the CRT for the 7904.

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Products by Ken Hawken

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
7904 Oscilloscope 500 MHz non-storage mainframe Val Garuts Thor Hallen John McCormick Les Larson Bill DeVey Bill Peek Hans Springer Joe Burger Joel Swanno Ken Hawken 1971

Components by Ken Hawken

Model Class Description Designers Used in
154-0644-05 CRT CRT with distributed deflection plates Ken Hawken 7704A 7854 7904 7904A R7903
T7840 CRT dual-beam CRT Conrad Odenthal Ken Hawken 7844

Patents by Ken Hawken

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3819984A US 3819984A Side-by-side dual gun crt having horizontal deflector plates provided with side shields for correction of geometric distortion Ken Hawken Tektronix Inc 1973-02-12 1974-06-25