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Norm Winningstad

Chester Norman Winningstad (b. November 5, 1925 in Berkeley, CA – d. November 24, 2010 in Newport, OR) (→ WikiData) was an electrical engineer who joined Tektronix in 1958.

He managed the first non-oscilloscope business at Tektronix, the Information Display Division (IDD), from 1965.

He left in 1970 to found Floating Point Systems, and later co-founded Lattice Semiconductor.


Products by Norm Winningstad

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
N Plug-in Sampling system plug-in Norm Winningstad 1960
611 Oscilloscope 11" CRT storage monitor Norm Winningstad Dan Denham Carlo Infante Stu McNaughton Walt Lowy Leo Heineck 1967

Components by Norm Winningstad

Patents by Norm Winningstad

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3105945A US 3105945A Signal energy take off device Sam McCutcheon Norm Winningstad Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1960-11-07 1963-10-01
Patent US 3181086A US 3181086A Electrical switch with the outer conductors of coaxial leads connected to spaced shield plates Sam McCutcheon Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1961-06-12 1965-04-27
Patent US 3248655A US 3248655A Ratchet memory circuit and sampling system employing such circuit John Kobbe Cliff Moulton John V Rogers Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1962-05-07 1966-04-26
Patent US 3317830A US 3317830A Response normalizer delay line input for direct sampling probe Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1963-03-20 1967-05-02
Patent US 3430093A US 3430093A Method of write-through operation of direct viewing bistable storage tube to produce nonstored image of high brightness during shortage of another image Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1967-10-16 1969-02-25