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Dick Ropiequet, 1959

Richard Lincoln Ropiequet (b. 8 May 1920 – d. 25 April 2011) was a Tektronix engineer.

With a background as a Navy electronics technician and a BS in chemical engineering from University of Illinois (1946), “Rope” joined the company in 1949. He was a key figure in early Tek, eventually rising to the position of Executive Vice President of Engineering and CRT Research. He left Tektronix in 1963.

Tek Products

Ropiequet is credited with creating the precision sweep generator for models 315 and 310 that for the first time permitted time calibration and led to the term “Time-Base” being adopted.

Products by Dick Ropiequet

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
315 Oscilloscope "Portable" tube scope Frank Hood Dick Ropiequet John Kobbe Ted Goodfellow Jim Morrow 1952

Components by Dick Ropiequet

Patents by Dick Ropiequet

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 2752527A US 2752527A Method of magnifying waveforms on a cathode-ray tube and circuit therefor Dick Ropiequet Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1956-06-26
Patent US 2769904A US 2769904A Gated sweep generator Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1956-11-06
Patent US 2769905A US 2769905A Sweep circuit Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1956-11-06
Patent US 2778935A US 2778935A Cascode multivibrator Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1957-01-22
Patent US 2853609A US 2853609A Multivibrator hold off circuit Dick Ropiequet John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1955-02-21 1958-09-23
Patent US 2826694A US 2826694A Free-running multivibrator Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1955-03-10 1958-03-11
Patent US 3074020A US 3074020A Bistable multivibrator which changes states in response to a single limited range, variable input signal Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1959-11-24 1963-01-15
Patent US 3355620A US 3355620A Pulse counter tube employing voltage feedback from target to beam deflection electrodes isolated from any d. c. reference voltage Dick Ropiequet Tektronix Inc 1963-12-02 1967-11-28