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Jim Morrow

James E. Morrow (? – ?)    Please add referenced biography.

Tektronix engineer Frank Hood recollects:

[In 1951,] I started the design work on our first compact scope, the Type 315. [...]

A machinist, Jim Morrow, suggested combining some of the controls, by making them co-axial (that is, a shaft within a shaft and separate knobs.) We tried to purchase such controls but could find no one interesting in making them, so Jim machined sample controls. He even machined the dies to produce our own plastic knobs. All these suggestions were incorporated in the 315.

Products by Jim Morrow

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
315 Oscilloscope "Portable" tube scope Frank Hood Dick Ropiequet John Kobbe Ted Goodfellow Jim Morrow 1952

Components by Jim Morrow

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Patents by Jim Morrow

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3022973A US 3022973A Support device Jim Morrow Jamie N Boyle Tektronix Inc 1958-07-22 1962-02-27
Patent US 3281895A US 3281895A Apparatus for cutting and expanding plastic members Robert E Holden Jim Morrow Tektronix Inc 1964-11-09 1966-11-01