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James William Godwin (? – ?)

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Products by Jim Godwin

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
475 Oscilloscope Portable 200 MHz dual-trace scope Leon Orchard Luis Navarro Bob Shand Jim Hinze Jim Godwin Les Larson Steve Tosh Jim Woo Ken Holland Bill Mark George Ermini Dennis Braatz 1972

Components by Jim Godwin

Model Class Description Designers Used in
155-0123-00 Monolithic integrated circuit sweep and pickoff control Mike Metcalf Jim Godwin 455

Patents by Jim Godwin

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3999128A US 3999128A Time interval measurement method and apparatus Pedro Max Janowitz Jim Godwin Tektronix Inc 1975-04-18 1976-12-21