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Gene Cowan with his archery trophies

Clarence Eugene Cowan (b. 28 July 1928 in Kelso, WA – d. 17 January 2020 in Salem, OR) worked in Tek's Sampling Group in the 1960s, led by Al Zimmerman. He retired from Tek in 1985.

We was a champion archer.


Products by Gene Cowan

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
1S1 Plug-in Sampling system Gene Cowan Chuck Edgar 1965
1S2 Plug-in Sampling system/TDR Chuck Edgar Gene Cowan 1967
7S11 Plug-in Sampling plugin George Frye Al Zimmerman Gene Cowan 1969
7T11 Plug-in Sampling Sweep Unit George Frye Al Zimmerman Gene Cowan 1969

Components by Gene Cowan

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Patents by Gene Cowan

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3612910A US 3612910A Triggered pulse generator having automatic bias adjustment Gene Cowan George Frye Tektronix Inc 1970-07-28 1971-10-12
Patent US 4862020A US 4862020A Electronic delay control circuit having pulse width maintenance Gene Cowan Ronald K. Christensen Tektronix Inc 1988-06-20 1989-08-29
Patent US 7042241 US 7042241 Low-current pogo probe card Paul A. Tervo Gene Cowan Cascade Microtech, Inc. 1997-06-10 2004-09-22
Patent US 7616017 US 7616017 Probe station thermal chuck with shielding for capacitive current Gene Cowan Paul A. Tervo John L. Dunklee Cascade Microtech, Inc. 1999-06-30 2007-10-17
Patent AU 2001238550 AU 2001238550 Membrane probing system Gene Cowan Mike P. Dauphinais Martin J. Koxxy Kenneth R. Smith Paul A. Tervo Cascade Microtech, Inc. 2000-02-25 2001-02-20
Patent US 6930498 US 6930498 Membrane probing system Paul A. Tervo Kenneth R. Smith Gene Cowan Mike P. Dauphinais Martin J. Koxxy Cascade Microtech, Inc. 2000-02-25 2004-07-29
Patent US 7550984 US 7550984 Probe station with low noise characteristics Timothy Lesher Brad Miller Gene Cowan Michael Simmons Frank Gray Cynthia L. McDonald Cascade Microtech, Inc. 2002-11-08 2007-10-04
Patent US 7498828 US 7498828 Probe station with low inductance path John Dunklee Gene Cowan Cascade Microtech, Inc. 2002-11-25 2007-06-20
Patent EP 1570279 EP 1570279 Guarded tub enclosure John Dunklee Greg Nordgren Gene Cowan Cascade Microtech, Inc. 2002-12-13 2003-10-27