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Robert Alexander Shand (? – d. 2001) was a mechanical engineer who joined Tektronix in 1961.

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From Tekscope May 1972:

Since Bob Shand started with Tek 10 years ago, he has devoted his efforts to mechanical design. Among the TEKTRONIX products that he has helped to design are the R7704, 7403N, 540B and 560B Series, 549, 601, 602, and 410.

Bob is a native of the Northwest. His hours away from work are spent in family activities with his wife and four children. He is also an avid bridge player and enjoys singing.

Products by Bob Shand

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
545 Oscilloscope 30 (33) MHz oscilloscope John Gates Dave Barton Bob Shand 1955
543 Oscilloscope 30 MHz scope Bob Shand 1958
561 Oscilloscope 10(4) MHz "General Purpose Scope" Bob Shand 1961
564 Oscilloscope Split-screen storage scope Bob Shand 1962
549 Oscilloscope 30 MHz storage scope Mel Holznagel Bob Shand 1965
410 Medical Physiological monitor Bob Shand 1967
602 Oscilloscope X-Y Display Bob Shand 1969
601 Oscilloscope X-Y Storage Display Bob Shand 1969
7704 Oscilloscope 150 MHz non-storage mainframe Bob Shand Gene Andrews 1969
7403N Oscilloscope 65 MHz non-storage mainframe Phil Crosby Bob Shand 1970
7704A Oscilloscope 200 MHz non-storage mainframe Luis Navarro Bob Shand Bill Lukens Jim Cavoretto Bill Markwart Dave Hoskins Bill Gordon Phil Lloyd Dick Swanson Larry Pearson 1972
475 Oscilloscope Portable 200 MHz dual-trace scope Leon Orchard Luis Navarro Bob Shand Jim Hinze Jim Godwin Les Larson Steve Tosh Jim Woo Ken Holland Bill Mark George Ermini Dennis Braatz 1972
465 Oscilloscope Portable 100 MHz dual-trace scope Leon Orchard Luis Navarro Bob Shand Jim Hinze Frank Dewater Pete Janowitz Dave Laib Al Schamel Bert tenKate Ken Holland Bill Mark George Ermini Dennis Braatz 1972
P7001 Oscilloscope Digitizer for the 7704A oscilloscope Hiro Moriyasu Luis Navarro Bruce Hamilton Jack Gilmore Bob Shand Bruce Hamilton Jack Robinson Bill Lucas Jack Grimes Dennis Keldsen Mohamed Saba Dick Beatty Wayne Eshelman George Rhine Bill Markwart Marlow Butler Carl Dalby Colin Doward Gale Byers 1973

Components by Bob Shand

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Patents by Bob Shand

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