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Marlow Dole Butler (? – ?)

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Products by Marlow Butler

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
P7001 Oscilloscope Digitizer for the 7704A oscilloscope Hiro Moriyasu Luis Navarro Bruce Hamilton Jack Gilmore Bob Shand Bruce Hamilton Jack Robinson Bill Lucas Jack Grimes Dennis Keldsen Mohamed Saba Dick Beatty Wayne Eshelman George Rhine Bill Markwart Marlow Butler Carl Dalby Colin Doward Gale Byers 1973

Components by Marlow Butler

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Patents by Marlow Butler

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3187118A US 3187118A Electrical switch having means for interconnecting concentric switch shafts Marlow Butler Oz Svehaug Tektronix Inc 1962-01-18 1965-06-01
Patent US 3560848A US 3560848A Switchable coaxial probe member utilizing a reed switch Marlow Butler Tektronix Inc 1968-05-20 1971-02-02
Patent US 3683225A US 3683225A Orange-reflective graticule scale for cathode ray tube Marlow Butler Tektronix Inc 1970-03-20 1972-08-08
Patent US 4123129A US 4123129A Modular electronic instrument cabinets Marlow Butler Tektronix Inc 1976-11-18 1978-10-31