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Tektronix TM506
six-bay mainframe
Tektronix TM506

Produced from 1975 to (?)

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The Tektronix TM506 is a six-bay mainframe for the TM500 system. The rightmost compartment can supply high-powered plugins.

The RTM506 is the electrically identical rack-mount version, with a 14 W fan in place of the 7 W fan used in the TM506.

The TM506A is an updated variant, introduced in 1989, that essentially looks exactly the same as the TM5006, i.e. it is taller, has air outlets on the front and a flip switch instead of a pull switch.

Key Specifications

Power 100/110/120/200/220/240 VAC, 48 to 60 Hz, max. 320 W
Max. plugin power Standard compartment 35 WDC or 75 VAAC; High-power compartment 45 WDC or 125 VAAC
Pass transistors rating Standard compartment 7.5 W each, 15 W total; High-power compartment 30 W each, 50 W total
Weight TM506 - 13.2 kg (29 lb), RTM506 - 14.4 kg (32 lb)

The TM506 supplies five unregulated voltages to the plug-in modules:

  • +33.5 V common to all compartments, max. 350 mA per compartment
  • −33.5 V common to all compartments, max. 350 mA per compartment
  • +11.5 V common to regular compartments, max. 1.3 A per compartment; separate (floating) on high-power compartment, 4 A max.
  • 2 × 25 VAC, 2 x 0.5 A / max. 25 VA combined in regular compartment, 2 x 1.2 A / max. 60 VA combined in high-power compartment; floating ≤350 V (peak) per plug-in
  • 17.5 VAC with grounded center tap, 30 VA max in standard compartment, 95 VA max in high-power compartment; common to regular plug-in slots, floating on high-power compartment


Option 2

Option 2 adds internal pin headers for each slot as well as rear 50-pin and BNC connectors, allowing for custom wiring to, from and between plugins.

On the TM506, the rear connectors are installed in an additional rear plate which is mounted adjacent to the fan shroud.

Option 7

From the manual:

The following described bus wires and keys are added to the connector boards of the TM 500-Series Power Module to provide rear interface connections between the TM 500 Counters containing Option 7, the TR502, and the SW503.

Bus Wires

Six-conductor ribbon cable (Tektronix Part No. 175-0829-00) is used to make bus runs between the following points:

TM 506
B14 on J10, J20, and J30
B15 on J10, J20, and J30
B16 on J10, J20, and J30
B17 on J10, J20, and J30
B18 on J10, J20, and J30
A18 on J10, J20, and J30

Barrier Keys

From the manual:

Plastic barrier keys (Tektronix Part No. 214-1593-02) are inserted between pins 21 and 22 on J10 between pins 23 and 24 on J20 and between pins 17 and 18 on J30.
Once the above bus connections are made and barrier keys inserted, the three connectors so changed are system dedicated and the three slots should only be used for system-dedicated plug-ins.


Documents Referencing TM506

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
067-1201-99 TM500 Power Module Constr Note.pdf Application Note TM500 Power Module Tester and Utility Power Supply Warren Collier 1977





Pulse Instruments MOD-DP-16


Some Parts Used in the TM506

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
2N3055 151-0140-00 Discrete component general-purpose silicon NPN power transistor TM504 TM506 TM5006 7603 7613 7623 7623A 7623B 7633