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Tom Rousseau (? – ?)

  • Washington State University, Bachelor Physics
  • Tektronix, 1968−1998
  • RadiSys, 1998−2001
  • Audio Precision, VP Engineering, June 2001 - October 2007

Tek Products

Documents Authored by Tom Rousseau

Document Page Class Title Author(s) Year Refers to
Tekscope 1980 V12 N3.pdf 3 Article Digital Waveform Processing in a High-Performance 7000-Series Oscilloscope Tom Rousseau Bill Cox 1980 7854

Products by Tom Rousseau

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
7A15 Plug-in 80 MHz vertical amplifier Tom Rousseau 1970
7A18 Plug-in 75 MHz dual channel amplifier Tom Rousseau 1971
7A15A Plug-in 80 MHz vertical amplifier Tom Rousseau 1973
7A16A Plug-in 225 MHz vertical amplifier Tom Rousseau 1973
7A24 Plug-in 400 MHz dual channel vertical amplifier Tom Rousseau 1974
7A26 Plug-in 200 MHz dual-channel amplifier Tom Rousseau 1974
7854 Oscilloscope 400 MHz waveform-processing scope Tom Rousseau Les Larson Jack Collins Ellen Deleganes Jim Schlegel Gary Fladstol Val Garuts Tim Holte Burt Johnson Bruce Kingsland Wes Kosta Jim Tallman Kirk Wimmer 1980
11402 Oscilloscope Digital scope Murlan Kaufman Tom Rousseau 1986
11401 Oscilloscope Digitizing scope Tom Rousseau 1986

Components by Tom Rousseau

Patents by Tom Rousseau