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Tektronix 7A24
400 MHz dual channel vertical amplifier
7A24 front panel

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1974 to 1991

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The Tektronix 7A24 is a 400 MHz dual-channel vertical plug-in for 7000-series scopes with (fused) 50 Ω BNC inputs. It is the fastest multi-channel plug-in available for the 7000 series. Unlike most other plug-ins, it does not offer AC input coupling.

A single-channel version was planned as the 7A25 but did not make it into production.

The 7A24 would typically have been used in 7834, 7844 or 7854 mainframes. The recommended probes were the P6056 and P6057.

The 75 MHz 7A18 and 200 MHz 7A26 share the same front panel layout and operation (but have 1 MΩ inputs).

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 400 MHz (71xx) / 350 MHz (79xx) / 300 MHz (78xx)
Deflection 5 mV/Div to 1 V/Div (1–2–5), variable ×2.5 (up to 2.5 V/Div)
Input impedance 50 Ω
Maximum input 5 V (0.5 W) − no damage below 10 V (2 W)
Timing Delay difference between channels <200 ps


The 7A24's input attenuators are similar to that in the 7A19, using replaceable ceramic attenuator modules held to the switching PCB using steel springs.

The amplifier is built using the Tek-made differential amplifier 155-0078-xx (four units per channel in early, five in late versions; various grades). In the 5 mV/Div range only, the amplifier gain is doubled electronically. The signal trace layout on the PCB is designed to provide T-coil peaking.

The 7A24 does not use the ±50 V supplies provided by the mainframe.




Some Parts Used in the 7A24

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
155-0078-00 155-0078-xx 155-0273-00 155-0274-00 Monolithic integrated circuit broadband amplifier 464 465 466 468 475 475A 475M 485 7834 7844 7854 7904 R7903 R7912 7912AD 7912HB 7104 7A16A 7A16P 7A24 7A26 7A42 067-0587-01 067-0680-00 AM503 PG502 PG508 DC510 DC5010 FG5010