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Wendell William Damm (b. 29 October 1945 – d. 17 November 2021 in Portland, Oregon) attended high school in Chadron, Nebraska.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a degree in electrical engineering he was hired by Tektronix, where his career spanned 35 years.

Later in life Wendell enjoyed travel, music, and woodworking, was a private pilot, enjoyed competitive target shooting, and was an award-winning amateur photographer.

Selected Works

Documents Authored by Wendell Damm

Products by Wendell Damm

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
213 Oscilloscope Miniature portable 1 MHz oscilloscope and TRMS digital multimeter Dave Allen Gordon Meigs John Pace Jim Knowlton Wendell Damm 1975
P6451 Probe 8+1-channel logic analyzer probe Wendell Damm 1977

Components by Wendell Damm

Patents by Wendell W. Damm

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 4163950A US 4163950A Isolating differential amplifier Wendell W. Damm Choong R. Kim Tektronix Inc 1978-03-01 1979-08-07
Patent US 4860291A US 4860291A Test vector definition system employing template concept Wendell W. Damm Keith Taylor Ira G. Pollock Pedro Max Janowitz Tektronix Inc 1987-12-28 1989-08-22